Copy of Associate Professor, Community Health, Family & Consumer Sciences Department

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• Plan, develop, and implement research-based community health programs and resources that serve Tennesseans and address topics such as (but not limited to): health across the lifespan, physical activity, substance misuse, health policy, rural health care, environmental health, disaster preparedness, and volunteerism. • Provide interpretation and application of current research, emerging issues, and legislation related to the above topics, and set program direction. • Lead multi-disciplinary collaborations. • Seek, secure, and manage internal and external resources (i.e., grants) to support and enhance programs. • Support established state, regional, and national networks and coalitions. • Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of state-wide programs in community health; report to the appropriate state and national agencies and to program stakeholders. • Provide leadership and technical guidance to Tennessee Extension agents via phone, email, website resources, online training, and in-service training. Technical guidance includes interpreting current research findings, needs assessments, educational strategies, evaluation methods, data collection and interpretation, research-based resources, coalition building, staff development, and mentoring. • Enhance and share expertise through presentations, publications (peer-reviewed and otherwise), and maintain active membership in relevant professional organizations. • Provide service and leadership within the department, university, and profession. • Provide accessible educational materials and programs for clientele regardless of race, color, national origin, age, sex, veteran status, or disability.