Dean, University College

Washington University in St. Louis invites nominations and applications for the role of Dean of University College. The new Dean will complete the design, oversee the launch, and establish the excellence of a transformative initiative in community-oriented, career-focused education that is a central component of the University's expanding commitment to St. Louis.

Under its new dean's leadership, University College will become a stand-alone school with purpose-built programs and support services and with a new financial model developed to sustain its specific mission. While filling several critical areas in the University's professional advancement and continuing education offerings (starting with health, data, and management/administration) the new University College address the challenges and needs of people of color, women, and others who historically have had limited access to higher education. Its commitment to serving these communities will require changes to campus culture and procedures, as well as careful attention to building trust in communities throughout St. Louis and beyond.

University College's new leader will bring the vision and leadership qualities needed to articulate a strategic view of community education and engagement and to build a set of academic offerings – degree and non-degree; in-person, online, and hybrid – that are relevant, attractive, and affordable to residents of the St. Louis region who see the potentially transformative impact that education at WashU might have on their life experiences, their intellectual growth, their ongoing educational and career opportunities, and the different economic trajectories they and family members may create through such education. The University College dean will lead through a combination of vision, organizational competence, communication skill, empathy and integrity, conviction about the important, transformative purpose of University College, and the ability to engage individuals and communities in advancing that purpose. The dean will position University College strategically in the broader St. Louis educational, civic, and community ecosystem.

Candidates will possess an earned doctoral degree and a set of qualities, competencies, and experiences that will equip them to lead this novel enterprise to remarkable and sustainable success:
  • The passion and relationship skills needed to attract supporters and champions to University College's work including donors, alumni, and employers;
  • The subject-matter expertise and personal qualities that enable success through influence and persuasion as much as through positional authority;
  • An enterprising and positive spirit combined with a strong team orientation and a grasp of complex organizational dynamics;
  • A track record of developing successful market-aware degree and non-degree programs for in-person, hybrid, and online delivery;
  • A verifiable commitment to building and sustaining diversity in faculty, student, and staff communities.

A track record of success with the student communities University College will serve through leadership experience in an urban- or minority-serving institution, a metropolitan university, or a community college is a valuable additional qualification.

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Washington University in St. Louis is committed to the principles and practices of equal employment opportunity. It is the University's policy to recruit, hire, train, and promote persons in all job titles without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or genetic information. The University has retained Opus Partners to support this recruitment. Craig Smith, Partner, and Chris Stadler, Associate, are leading the search. Please send inquiries, nominations, and applications (including a CV and letter of interest) to and . Every effort will be made to ensure candidate confidentiality.