Professor, Performing Arts

Performing arts students receive focused instruction paired with opportunities in real-world projects, including stage productions, SCAD films, a TV sitcom and in-house series, dance concerts, original works, new interpretations of classical and modern plays, musicals and improv performances as well as senior projects and M.F.A. thesis shows.

The SCAD Casting Office - the only on-site, professionally run casting office in higher education - connects SCAD actors to productions in Georgia's powerhouse film and television industry as well as in the New York and Los Angeles markets. Through star-studded events such as the Savannah Film Festival and SCAD TVfest, the university prepares students for thriving careers in performing arts.

Minimum Qualifications:
• Terminal degree (typically an M.F.A.) in theater, performing arts or related field; May consider professional experience in lieu of a terminal degree